wolfgang fuchs:

entr'acte july 2009

5-inch vinyl LP cutouts
edition of 20 for Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf 07/2009
edition of 20 for the international turntable orchestra at akademie der kuenste/berlin 10/2009

"every seemingly perfect record has an unintentional approximation to silence at the very end"

run-out grooves with kindly support by bob marley, john lennon, franz lehar, black sabbath, etc.

thanks to h. p. fuchs for the cutting-edge handicraft and to bulbul for the five-inch vinyl experience
upcoming events:

may20, vienna/Austria:
Xenakis 2022: Back to the Roots
june10, wien/Austria:
on the couch #70 - Wolfgang Mitte...
june12, wien/Austria:
Wolfgang Seierl & Claudia Pettric...