mosz may 2009

01: Cordelia..s Song
02: Satisfy my Soul
03: It is not
04: Spiders on toast
05: The itch

01: Something Sick
02: Donal Og **
03: You promised me **
04: Jezebel

format: vinyl
label: mosz / www.mosz.org
cat #: mosz 020
year of production:
release date: 12 May, 2009
EAN Code: 6-8907675154-4

metalycée is:

Bernhard Breuer: Drums
Nik Hummer: Trautonium
Melita Jurisic: Vocals
Matija Schellander: Bass
Armin Steiner: Syntesiser

Additional vocals: Maja Osojnik

written and produced by metalycée at sakog and rochuspark 2007/2008
mixed by metalycee at soundstudio - academy of visual arts vienna
mastered by martin siewert at motone soundservices

cover design: re-p.org

(c) by metalycée 2009
(p) by mosz 2009
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sep.22, tirana/Albania:
rdeča raketa: traversing the balkan
sep.22, wien/Austria:
18h30 derbloededrittemittwoch#110
sep.23, gjirokastra/Albania:
rdeča raketa: traversing the balkan