shameless 0302/billy roisz by francois couture in all music guide
shameless 0302
Released as part of Shameless' series of private releases/public downloads, this EP takes the form of a CD-ROM. On it is an untitled 20-minute video by Billy Roisz, aka Gnu. Known as the video artist working with the Viennese electroacoustic improv group Efzeg, Roisz also plays electronics. This piece makes you wonder why she doesn't have a musical voice in the group. The music follows the laptop improv vein of the Mego crew with the kind of subtle humor TV Pow is so good at. Her video work consists of filtering images so extensively that only a VHF residue remains: discorporeal pixels that could have been anything, contours that give you no hint as to their origins, monochrome greys, reds and yellows. The three colors separate the work in three movements. The relationship between sound and image runs deep, despite the latter's minimalist outlooks. A finale on acoustic guitar adds to the mystery and charm of the piece. More please.
Francois Couture, All-Music Guide