sat. oct. 01 2022

red rooms / crowd founding
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear humans, dear All!

We would like to invite you to participate in a very special happening on the night of October 1st 2022:
Angélica Castelló, sound artist, composer & co-creator of the musical theater play Red Rooms, will lock herself in a cage by Bartholomaeus Wächter, stage designer of Red Rooms and play in a 12-hour musical performance for your support. Because even though Red Rooms has great sponsors, co-producers and cooperation partners, this (low budget musictheater-) production, which has been planned, dreamed and worked on for years, still needs supporters. The goal of Angélica Castellós performance/campaign is to raise the last very much needed (!) 15,000 €.

Angélica will therefore slip into one of Anna Hostek's unique and fantastic costumes to offer a first taste of the music and changing atmospheres of Red Rooms: a walk through the dense branches of the forest, accompanied by the voices of its inhabitants and enchanting sounds, which from time to time seem to dissolve into a sonic lucid dreaming.  
You are all invited to watch, spy...or simply listen and of course: donate!  

Please support us, any help, any amount is very much appreciated & welcome!

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