sun. nov. 06 2022

Angélica Castelló / Red Rooms
Seven episodes about a precarious relationship: Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Inspired by Louise Bourgeois' installation Red Room (Child) and Red Room (Parents).
A musical theatre play about truth and lies, lust and abuse, love and power.
For voices, chamber ensemble, recorder trio, Revox tape machine, radios, cassette players and electronic.

Idea, concept, composition, musical direction: Angélica Castelló
Concept, movement, direction: Miguel Angel Gaspar
Dramaturgy: Ximena Escalante
Libretto: Ximena Escalante, Angélica Castelló & Miguel Ángel Gaspar based on texts by Ximena Escalante, Louise Bourgeois, Salvador Novo and Vilém Flusser as well as stories found in newspapers and personal diaries.
Stage design: Bartholomaeus Wächter
Costume design: Anna Hostek
Assistant director and assistant choreographer: Ariel Uziga
Production management: Kira David, Valerie Holfeld
Production assistance: NN

Little Red Riding Hood: Theresa Dlouhy & Isabelle Duthoit (voices)
Wolf: Romain Bischoff (voice)
Grandmother: Raphaela Danksagmüller, Thomas List & Maja Osojnik (recorders & voices)
Another Wolf 1: Jérôme Noetinger (Revox, cassettes, electronics)
Another Wolf 2: Jan Machacek (live videos)

Ensemble PHACE: viola, violoncello, double bass/e-bass, bass clarinet, saxophone, trombone, drums/percussion

Radio voices

Novo: Wolfram Berger
Old wolf: Hagnot Elischka
Young Wolf: Christian Reiner
Grandmother : Martina Spitzer
Little Red Riding Hood: Sabine Marte
Little Tame Riding Hood: Natascha Gangl
Forest : Miki Malör

Produktion i5haus mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Stadt Wien Kultur, BMKOES, Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte (FONCA) Mexico, und SKE der Austro Mechana. Koproduktion Wien Modern, PHACE, Musica Strasbourg, La Muse en Circuit. Kooperation Schauspielhaus Wien und ORF Ö1 Kunstradio.
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