tue. oct. 12 2021
fluc wanne

jakob schauer – album release party – in death i am caressing you
– INOU KI ENDO // dj-set
– SUBLETVIS (Mo Nahold) // live
– ABU GABI // live

doors 8:30 pm
music 9:00 pm
FWD31- Jakob Schauer - In Death I Am Caressing You JAKOB SCHAUER – IN DEATH I AM CARESSING YOU

The new Forwind release comes courtesy of Vienna based artist Jakob Schauer. “In death I am caressing you” is a seven track twist of ghostly disruptions, glitched electronics and vaporous blasts of noise.
Developed around Jakob’s visual approach to the writing process, it’s hard to avoid the introduction of memories and perceptions from our shared visual sphere during the last few years. “Our technological, social and political reality... who hasn’t been affected?”
While this wasn’t a set concept or intention, as ever the abstract can unwittingly end up as a tool to represent reality whether here and now, there and then, timely or timeless. Death and destruction, hope and reemergence, a repetition of cycles. Some things seem stuck in their own glitch, repeating forever with time alone dictating the variations. In death I am caressing you’s sounds are generated from a wide array of analog and synthetic sources in an attempt to build “hyperrealistic acoustic atmospheres and sonic gestures . The discarnate disappear, only to return like screeching spectres swallowed up in something intensely melancholic that needs release. This sharp dynamic shows up in several parts of the work creating both a sense of tension and welcome catharsis.
While there are undoubtedly some dark aspects to the release, it is also home to a form of cracked radiance during some finely dialled pieces including the title track and beautiful closer “ Touched with Mona”. Its general themes may be demise and departure but it’s far from the flat of its back as it moves and engages in its glimmering otherworldly atmospheres.
The latest Forwind release will be available in a limited edition Digipak and digital.



Shilla Strelka, probably one of of the most outstanding DJs, curators and music journalists for experimental music and sound mid Europe has to offer.
– Unsafe&Sound
– Parken
– Struma&Lodine
– Electric Spring



Vienna based composer, DJ and curator Tanja Fuchs aka Abu Gabi is a progressive force between noise and radical bass vibrance, itching in pop and club cultural stigmata. She studied music production in Salzburg, music & performance in Istanbul and timebased media arts in Linz. Coming from anarcho-pop and improvisational music she’s an activist solo artist as well as part of the contemporary harsh club duo DVRST. As a composer she works in fields of theater, performance and film. Also as a writer, lecturer and curator Tanja Fuchs is driven by the intense, deconstructed and allegedly uncombinable (Klangfestival, Ars Electronica Festival 2018, Klubinstitut 2019). She is also part of the event series Struma+Iodine, Unsafe+Sounds Festival and the label Ventil Records, all circling around cutting-edge and adventurous music.



Subletvis is the online moniker of sound artist and composer Mo Nahold. His work focuses on digital alienated aesthetics, various electroacoustic methods and multichannel approached composition techniques in specialized environments. Abstract sound encounters stand in contrast to conventional rhythmic structures and harmonic content, in order to close gaps between sound aesthetics of different musical convictions. Nahold has released music on Ventil Records, Parken and Denovali.


link: In Death I Am Caressing You
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