sat. sep. 18 2021
ultima festival

ictus ensemble / Eupepsia Dyspepsia
an archive of appropriations

Anna Mendelssohn: narrator and projections
Eva Reiter: dramaturgy, viola da gamba, recorder and additional instruments
Tom Pauwels: electric guitar and additional instruments
Tom De Cock: percussion and additional instruments
Alex Fostier: sound and light
Karin Harasser: dramaturgy and texts

Works by
Angelica Castello, Jorge Sanchez-Chiong
Robin Hoffmann, Marin Marais, DiƩgo Ortiz,
Eva Reiter and Fredy Vallejos

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jan.29, baltimore /U.S.A:
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra ...
jan.30, baltimore /U.S.A:
Baltimore Symphony Orchestra ...
jan.30, wien/Austria:
19h Plateau Partagee #2: Lost ...