fri. apr. 23 2021

19:30 Fraufeld live recording 21:00 Canned Fit & Petek Gmbh / aus dem echoraum
Fraufeld Live recording sessions:
Juun & Lale Rodgarkia-Dara: piano guts & Elektronik
Aleksandra Bajde & Isabella Forciniti: Stimme, Klavier & Elektronik
Sophie Hassfurther & Yvonne Zehner: Saxofon & Gitarre
Rojin Sharafi & Golnar Shayar: Elektronik & Stimme
Helene Gl├╝xam: Kontrabass

Canned Fit & Petek Gmbh:
Operating on manuals
The piece "Operating on: Manuals" is a modular structured concept composition for guitar, analog and digital electronics, objects and spoken voice.
It is about people and musicians and their power and impotence in the face of an instruction manual for a technologically permeated environment, which he / she has not been able to grasp and grasp for a long time, but which is extremely useful.

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