sat. dec 19 2020

postponed: Hidden Treasures and Leftovers
30 Jahre sixpackfilm. Hidden Treasures and Leftovers:

Farbversuchsprogramm Stefanie Weberhofer. AT, 2020, 35mm (work in progress), color and bw, 5 min
Sound Suppression Johann Lurf. AT, 2012, DCP, color, 1 min
Comparing Local Spectres (Version Originale 1/2) Constanze Ruhm, Emilien Awada. AT, 2015, DCP, bw, 18 min
dot dot dot Rainer Kohlberger. AT, 2017, DCP, color and bw, 6 min
Besucher einer mir vertrauten Vergangenheit Gabriel Tempea. AT, 2020, DCP, color, 6 min
Ulyssesschnitzel Dieter Kovačič. AT, 2005, DCP, 6 min
Food Speculations Ralo Mayer. AT, 2019, DCP, color, 25 min
I DEAL, YOU DEAL, WE ALL DEAL WITH THE nEU NEW DEAL. (Kurz) Borjana Ventzislavova. AT, 2020, DCP, color, 8 min
Hotel Room Movie Klub Zwei [Simone Bader, Jo Schmeiser]. AT, 1995, Video, bw, 25 min
edge of doom Michaela Grill. AT, 2020, DCP, bw, 3 min
Double Elvis Henry Hills. AT, 2020, DCP, bw, 2 min
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