sun. nov. 08 2020
st. ruprecht (neue musik in)

cancelled: sound automat - Wien Modern
Joshua Legallienne
neue musik in st ruprecht As part of the Vienna Modern workshop tour, we are transforming the Ruprechtskirche itself into a studio for instrument makers.

Timothy Didymus and Joshua Legallienne are two British artists who work with the possibilities of an unimpeded acoustic sound.
For Wien Modern they prepare the room with instruments, musical automatons and kinetic sculptures that deal with the specific historical architectural and acoustic qualities of the building.

The idea of ​​reConvert is based on the need to examine the room, to grasp its properties and acoustic potential and to use these as a starting point. To make these room properties audible, only percussive impulses are used. The sound body is formed by the room itself with all its materials and surfaces. Solenoids are used as a medium for the implementation.
The work of reConvert is based on the theory of Marshall McLuhan “The Extension of Man”. The idea that technology is an extension of the human organism is found regularly in the history of thinking about technology. The idea in its most basic form is that technical objects expand the human organism by replicating or strengthening physical and mental abilities.

This event enlivens the area between a conventional concert and a sound art exhibition. Before and after the performances, viewers are encouraged to explore St. Ruprecht and discover the sonic interventions and their relationship to the location.
Joshua Legallienne

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