lia, Thoenen, Grill/Siewert, Aigelsreiter, Bruckmayr/Strohmann, Goldt, Roisz, m.ash, [n:ja], Fruhauf, reMI, Schwentner:
Sonic Fiction - Synaesthetic Videos from Austria

INDEX nov. 2004

lia, HARDVIDEO/G.S.I.L. XIX sound: @c 2003, 5 min
Nik Thoenen, Timo Novotny, NEON sound: Wolfgang Schloegl 2003, 5 min
Michaela Grill, Martin Siewert, TRANS sound: Martin Siewert 2004, 9 min
Thomas Aigelsreiter, KEY WEST sound: Rudi Aigelsreiter 2002, 5 min
Didi Bruckmayr, Michael Strohmann, ICH BIN TRAURIG sound: Fuckhead 2004, 5 min
Karø Goldt, FALCON sound: Rashim 2003, 5 min
Billy Roisz, BLINQ sound: Burkhard Stangl / Akoasma / Boris Hauf / Sachiko M. / Martin Siewert / Christof Kurzmann / T. Nakamura / Dieb13 / Werner Dafeldecker / el 2002, 7 min
m.ash, CUBICA sound: Chris Janka 2002, 4 min
[n:ja], FRAME sound: Radian 2002, 5 min
Siegfried A. Fruhauf, SUN sound: Attwenger 2003, 5:30 min
reMI, ZIJKFIJERGIJOK sound: reMI 2003, 3 min
Michaela Schwentner, JET sound: Radian 2003, 6 min

DVD release celebrating the extraordinary young video and electronic music scene in Austria. These are radical avant-garde works that emerge logically from modern electronic music. The images sometimes tie in with the earliest pure abstract avant-garde films, but reveal themselves in everything to be exponents of contemporary digital technology.
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