remarks on the architecture of the ancients (0:16:27)
excerpt from the performance of the piece @ the festival "tuned city - messene", ancient messene / greece.

jamie allen, pablo saavedra arevalo, bmb con: justin bennett + roelf toxopeus, steve bates, christian espinoza, fernando godoy, barbara gonzales, paul gründorfer, john grzinich, hanna hartmann, martin howse, eleni kavouki, yann leguay, eric lewis
jake moore, noid, maria papadomanolaki, marc-alexandre reinhardt, rene rissland
andreas rohmer, yiorgis sakellariou, nicolas spencer, florian tuercke, nikitas vassilakis, mario de vega, els viaene, franziska windisch
link: tuned city
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'the never subversive forever' exhibition concerts @ mo.ë /vienna/2017

'the never subversive forever' exhibition concerts @ mo.ë /vienna/2017

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'the never subversive forever'exhibition concerts @ mo.ë /vienna/2017

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