is a jukebox.

to use it, you need a computer with soundcard and playbacksoftware (e.g. mediaplayer, itunes, xmms, ...)
the table shows different songs/tracks with their length, the number of previous requests and formfields for selection to the right.
*) you can select the songs you want to hear,
*) optionally change the order of the songs,
*) select a bitrate ("high quality" will give you the best quality, 24kbit/sec should even work for very slow internet connections)
*) you can choose between ogg and mp3 soundfiles. ogg sounds better at the same bitrate but might not work on mac or older windows players.
*) and then press "generate playlist" on the bottom of the page.
a player will open automatically and play your selection.

use the "search" field to search for songs/artists...
the "advanced search" option gives you the ability to exactly search for, preselect and sort the tracks.
when you click a tracks name/artist, you will find a seperate page with detailed descriptions and further links.

and don't forget: