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july23, wien/Austria:
monday improvisers session
july25, mexico /Mexico:
castello @ bosque sonoro
july27, mexico df/Mexico:
castello @ remanencia
sun. aug. 13 2017

kk presents: subensemble (de/f), royal hungarian noisemakers (hu)
the evening will feature a set by royal hungarian noisemakers (hu), this time consisting of kálmán pongrácz, and subensemble (de/f), the new project of french guitarist bertram dhellemmes and drummer moritz benedikt nolden. dj ilonka bratislava will enrich the evening with a hand-picked choice of her eclectic record collection.
The Budapest based ambient noise band ROYAL HUNGARIAN NOISEMAKERS visit Vienna for a stirring set of their peculiar mind-boggling ambient dark noise in the course of their tour to promote the current release OVERDOSE. Put together of Kálmán Pongrácz and Attila Vlad – the RHN focus on the development of consequent blocks of statement noise.


SUBENSEMBLE is the new Vienna-based music project of French guitarist Bertram Dhellemmes and German drummer and keyboardist Moritz Nolden. For Subensemble, performing is like plugging oneself to an endless flow of music and letting things happen - favouring a kind, style or genre of music is vain, since anything can feed them - electro, free jazz, punk, psychedelic rock, noise?
Bertram Dhellemmes is a Musician, performer, multimedia artist, stage and video director, he plays guitars and electronics. Collaborations with numerous musicians, dancers and new media artists for improvisation and transmedia projects in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Japan, Germany and Austria. His music ranges from ultra-noise to electro-minimalism, via free-jazz, free-rock, free-glitch and roughly anything free. Founder and director of electric guitars improvisation orchestra the Soft Power Ensemble of Vienna.
Moritz Benedikt Nolden is a Drummer and Keyboardist who started to perform as a sideman and improviser in Berlin before moving to Vienna where he is an active member of the improv scene.

DJ ILONKA BRATISLAVA will enrich the evening with a well picked her record collection.