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june23, wien/Austria:
wow signal festival
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a shepherd´s tale // ar
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monday improvisers session
sat. may 06 2017

strotter inst.
ausstellungseröffnung & performance

STROTTER INST. "#151 „Kopfgneis“

After more than ten years of making music with turntables, tapes and loops the swiss based musician, artist, performer and architect Christoph Hess started in 1998 the project Strotter Inst. to concentrate just on the manipulation of turntables not using any records or sounds made by someone or something else.

The anacronistic machineries have dual roles as instruments and as objects. The abbreviation "Inst." can both mean "instrument" or "installation". The objects and installations are putting the focal point on the static presence of the turntables. Not the playing them, but their own movement and their kind of operating define the object. A second theme is creating sounds out of the conditions of the turntables and the material or shape of the records. The optical comprehension of how the sound is generated gets more and more important. The turntable is not just moving, it’s in movement itself. (The turntable gets his honour, not the dj!) If used in the insatllations, the records do not just reproduce, they are the source themselves (The wholesales article is reborn as an original)

The „Strotter“ in the decade before World War II were fishing in the canalisation for stocked fat to sell it to soapcompanies. As they were standing on the edge of society today Strotter Inst. stands on the edge of art and music, working with stuff thrown away by others.


Offen ab 19:00
Soundperformance "#150 „Kleinholz“ beginnt um ca. 20:30

Ausstellungsdauer 06. - 31.05.2017

link: http://htp://www.zentrale.jetzt , https://www.facebook.com/events/1828115504178520/