mon. june 27 2016
blickle raum

deuter/lehn @ exhibition in blickle raum vienna

'ornaments' – works by visual artist gabriele rothemann,

music performance by
markus deuter | heckelphone
thomas lehn | ems analogue synthesizer

start: 19h00

location: blickle raum spiegelgasse, spiegelgasse 2, 5th floor (under roof), 1010 wien

back in the mid of the 1980ies, oboist markus deuter and pianist thomas lehn have met and worked for a few years together in cologne and in germany performing chamber music in duo as well as the beethoven & mozart woodwind-piano quintets.

on monday june 27, 30 years later, they re-join in their 1st vienna duo performance. however, this time not with oboe and piano but with the double reed instrument heckelphone and the ems synthi aks analogue synthesizer, musically contributing to the 'ornament' exhibition by visual artist gabriele rothemann. heckelphone and synthesizer 'ornament' each other by a cross-effecting analogue signal-processing.

link: blickle raum spiegelgasse vienna , heckelphone , ems synthi aks
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