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sun. mar. 08 2015
ehemaliges gudrunkino

imaging sound
a cooperation between institut 5haus and liquid loft
free entrance!

rogelio sosa (mx) / electronics
mario de vega (mx/de) / electronics

angélica castelló (at/mx)/ paetzold, electronics and tapes
dieb13 (at)/ ttt
billy roisz (at) / electronics
burkhard stangl (at) / guitars

michaela grill (at) / laptop
philip jeck (uk) / turntables
karl lemieux (ca) / 16mm film projectors

imaging sound © michaela grill

Unter dem Motto 'imaging sound' präsentieren sich an diesem Abend in den Liquid Loft Studios im ehemaligen Gudrunkino drei Performances an den Schnittstellen zwischen analoger und digitaler Sound- und Bildkunst, wobei nur das Trio Grill/Jeck/Lemieux auch tatsächlich Bilder für die Netzhaut auf die Bühne bringen, der Rest ist Kino für die Ohren.

Info zu den Künstler*innen:

Mario de Vega (Mexico City, 1979). His works include site-specific interventions, sculpture, publications and experiments in psychoacoustics that frequently push the limits of aural perception, using sound as a tool to confront experiences of vulnerability.
Working in the fields of sound and visual arts since 1999, de Vega often utilises the exhibition space as a springboard to reflect on the realities outside of the architectural environment. Using large-scale pyrotechnics, physical phenomena and vibration, his aims at agitation are an intrinsic part of the performative experience. 
de Vega has exhibited and performed across Europe, Mexico, North America, South Africa, India, Russia, and Japan. Since 2008, he is based between Berlin and Mexico City.

Rogelio Sosa (Mexico City, 1977) is an experimental musician, composer and sound artist. He is also a very active curator of experimental music in Mexico. Using a wide range of electronic tools, his work includes live performances, compositions and installations that develops in the fields of free improvisation, noise, electroacoustic music and sound art. Currently he is the Artistic Director of the Aural Festival now on its fifth edition and Music Director of the nobel Germinal Festival. His music has been released by labels such as Sub Rosa, Important and Mode Records and lately by Bocian. He has presented his work in more than 40 cities of America, Europe and Asia.


Angélica Castelló, from Vienna although born in Mexico City, studied classical music in several conservatories in her native town, Montreal, Amsterdam and Vienna where she stayed. She co-founded such ensembles as Low Frequency Orchestra, frufru, cilantro, subshrubs, Chesterfield, Plenum, Zimt and others.

dieb13 is a highly talented turntablist, film maker and composer, who has worked with a wide range of groups like Efzeg, Swedish Azz, (Fake) The Facts, John Butcher Group, Läuse, NTSC / RISC and others. He runs the artist platform and is co-organisator of the REHEAT festival.

Billy Roisz is an audiovisual and music artist who has been manipulating her video in various formations since 2000. She performs solo and is a co-founder and member of NTSC / RISC (with dieb13), AVVA (with Toshimaru Nakamura), Skylla (with Silvia Fässler) an Ona (with Ilpo Väisänen). She works with video feedback and audiovisual interactivity exploring the ways sound and image coalesce to form a sprawling experience.

Burkhard Stangl can easily rest without any introduction being the remarkable guitarist held on high regard by critical community. He explores the full range of guitar, its dynamic, harmonic and melodic as well as noise spectrum. This adaptability allowed him to get to work with a wide range of contexts, from collective projects Polwechsel (until 2004), Efzeg, SSSD and Schnee to collaboration with dieb13, Taku Sugimoto, Taku Unami, Kai Fagaschinski, Christian Fennesz and others.

Brian Olewick writes about this quartett:

… There’s even a fairly visceral depiction of air intake through a breathing tube, augmented by a hiss (other apparatus) and the odd ping (passing fauna). It’s all quite coherent and deftly executed; whatever the parameters were, excellent choices seem to have been made by composer and performers alike, always leaving a thread, never overburdening it. It possesses that wonderful quality of staying in one place yet being endlessly, subtly different. ...


Michaela Grill studierte in Wien, Glasgow und London. Seit 1999 schuf die überaus vielseitige Künstlerin zahlreiche Film- und Videoarbeiten, aber auch Soundinstallationen, Live Visuals und Performances. Abgesehen von ihrer künstlerischen Arbeit organisierte Grill u. a. das Festival „What’s Up Vienna! What’s Up Montréal“, das in Montreal, Winnipeg und Wien stattfand und kuratiert unterschiedliche Filmschienen.

Karl Lemieux has been composing artistically adventurous time-based media since the late-90s. Deeply influenced by Québécois animator Pierre Hébert’s interdisciplinary film practice and mirroring his artistic trajectory, Lemieux explored hand-painting in Motion of Light (2004) before embracing the more aleatory possibilities of expanded cinema.
Lemieux has also collaborated with members of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, A Silver Mt. Zion, Shalabi Effect, Arcade Fire, and Set Fire to Flames, the spoken word artist and poet Alexis O’Hara, and the artist-musicians Alexandre St. Onge and Jonathan Parant.

Philip Jeck studied visual art at Dartington College of Arts. He started working with record players and electronics in the early '80's and has made soundtracks and toured with many dance and theatre companies as well as his solo concert work.
Philip Jeck works with old records and record players salvaged from junk shops turning them to his own purposes. He really does play them as musical instruments, creating an intensely personal language that evolves with each added part of a record. Philip Jeck makes geniunely moving and transfixing music, where we hear the art not the gimmick.

about the trio:

Austrian video artist Michaela Grill (laptop) together with Canadian filmmaker Karl Lemieux (16mm film projectors) and British turntablist Philip Jeck (turntables), will present a unique and improvised audio-visual performance in which image and sound, analog and digital elements are synergistically interwoven.
An atmospherically dense articulation of the aural and visual/visceral, the Jeck-Grill-Lemiuex trio electrify the subliminal and the material in an outpouring which blends together the key components of their individual artistic oeuvre.

Deutsche Info:
Das Hauptinteresse unserer audio-visuellen Performance ist eine Erforschung der Schnittstelle analog-digital. Bilder und Töne werden sowohl analog als auch digital produziert und sind über mehrere Schnittstellen miteinander verbunden. Beide VisualistInnen haben Zugriff auf das Bildmaterial und können es in dem je eigenen Medium live manipulieren. Die Ergebnisse der unterschiedlichen Bearbeitung werden auf eine gemeinsame Leinwand projiziert und verschmelzen zu einer Einheit, in der jedoch die Differenz zwischen analogen und digitalen Qualitäten erhalten bleibt. Zusätzlich wird auch das Tonsignal zur Bildproduktion genutzt und kann außerdem gewisse Aspekte des Bildes steuern. Die Musik ihrerseits reagiert auf das zu Sehende. So sind alle drei KünstlerInnen auf mehreren Ebenen miteinander verbunden und erzeugen ein atmosphärisch dichtes Amalgam an Bildern und Tönen für die Zuschauer während der Live-Improvisation.

link: living room