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june17, wels/Austria:
wed. dec 17 2014

plenum (a.o.) @ raw matters
wednesday, december 17th 2014
raw matters - large and long @ mo.Ë

this evening is dedicated to overload and simultaneity. as not all experiments can fit on to the small stage of schikaneder, and as short is not always sweet, our december evening will take place at mo.ë under the motto large and long.

we are happy to announce the participation of the following artists:
la georgetta
johanna nielson
johanna guggenberger
marie-alice schultz
silk fluegge
andrea nagl with carla schuler
camila seeger, federico moccia, nikolaus jungwirth and vicente vaccani
patric redl, tobias leibetseder, jakob schauer, aras seyhan, julian rubisch and thomas oeggl
angelica castello, gobi drab, katrin hauk, thomas list, steffi neuhuber and maja osonik
tobias m. draeger and sébastian aegerter

it’s definitely going to be a busy and exciting evening! more information to follow soon.

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