other events:

mar.21, wien/Austria:
katharina klement, solo / the...
mar.22, buenos aires/Argentina:
festival del microclima
mar.23, krems/Austria:
pfaller / schneider-romen / bl...
wed. nov. 13 2013

low frequency orchestra / junctions
iscm world new music days 2013 (cooperation with wien modern and progy&bess)
low frequency orchestra / junctions

angelica castello, recorders, devices

matija schellander, double bass

thomas grill, digital sounds

maja osojnik, recorders, devices

special guests:

anthea caddy, cello

bernd thurner, percussions

-- Katharina Klement Austria Chaotic bands in canonical form (2008) 12’30, ad libitum

-- Jennifer Walshe Ireland Silently & very fast (2012) recorders, devices, double bass, digital sounds, voice

-- Maximilian Marcoll Germany Compound No. 7: OPERATION ENOK (2013) 10ˆ’, narrator, subcontrabass recorder with live electronics, ad-hoc player, samples, cello, double bass and 5-channel tape

-- Wilfrido Terrazas Mexico Retrato de Walter Lärmer (2011-2012) ad libitum

-- Peter Ablinger Germany Weiß / Weißlich 17: 17c - Kleine Trommel und Rauschen (1994, 2007) 1’30’’ snare drum, electronics

-- Peter Ablinger Germany Weiß / Weißlich 17: 17h - Bass und Rauschen (2011) 1’30’’ bass, electronics

-- Peter Ablinger Germany Weiß / Weißlich 3 (1990) 4’, ensemble, variable instrumentation, at least 6 players

-- Joëlle Léandre France OXION 5

link: low frequency orchestra , ignm world music days , wien modern