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monday improvisers session
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sun. mar. 31 2013

ni & arma
ni (at)
gigi gratt git
manuel mitterhuber git
tobias hagleitner git
martin flotzinger drums

arma (lt)
arma electronics
Three guitarists, one drummer, and nothing to fret about: NI are out there to save the universe, their exorbitant rock drone doing the hula hoop with templates, their outre-space free jazz swarming with noise-shaped JS Bach on natural steroids. Everything’s there, and everything’s there is shit hot. Boasting members of such risky ventures as Tumido, Fang den Berg and Braaz, NI released their debut album in 2010 on Zach Records. As a direct consequence the quartet toured half the Continent, leaving it in a state of unadulterated exultation. May and June 2012 see NI on yet another outing, regaling Central, Northern and Eastern Europe with their next offering: the follow-up, “Foxtrott”, is released on Interstellar Records as a very pink vinyl LP in a very green sleeve. The LP’s design smartly reflects the style and colour update of their stage kit: gone is the surreal astro-chic of yesteryear, their screamingly dazzling costumes now ushering in a neo(n) era of all senses transmogrified. And still the music is free from inhibitions yet complex; still it is as delightfully delicate as a damsel in distress, yet as brawny as a Bavarian barmaid. A second helping of brains washed down with Zweigelt, insanity on the highest of all possible levels. NI-ce.

Arma (b. 1982) - is the artist and curator from Vilnius, Lithuania, working in a field of weird / experimental music since 1998. He runs cassette label Agharta, organizes festivals and small events and is one of the most active persons in Lithuanian scene. Since 2007 he has been performing under different names, released a few cassette tapes, toured Russia, Germany, Poland and Baltic states, participated in a few festivals and collaborated with local and foreign artists in the field of experimental electroacoustic and free jazz music. His live performances involve body action combined with voice and lo-fi electronica Absurd, outsider, esoteric, new new age, drone, performance art are the key words that lead to the world that Arma represent.