other events:

may23, wien/Austria:
opera of entropy _reloaded
may24, krems/Austria:
audible atoms. ernst kreneks s...
may24, wien/Austria:
welcome to the insects
sun. oct. 21 2012
cine tonalá
mexico distrito federal/Mexico


first edition of the ciclo aproximaciones a la música improvisada

1: carmina escobar (mx)
2: andrea neumann + bonnie jones (de + usa)
3: angélica castelló (a/mex)

desbordamientos features improvisors from around the world accompanied by a viewing of derek bailey’s seminal four-hour documentary “on the edge: improvisation in music”.

curated by chris cogburn and fernando vigueras and presenting: andrea neumann, damon smith, carmina escobar, angélica castelló, rogelio sosa, sandy ewen, milo tamez, chris cogburn, bonnie jones, dafne vicente-sandoval, juanjose rivas, fernando vigueras and xavier lopez, among others.