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sun. sep. 16 2012
st. ruprecht (neue musik in)

matthias erian, low frequency orchestra
matthias erian: buksori

low frequency orchestra
(angelica castello/maja osojnik/thomas grill/matija schellander)

Mattias Erian: BUKSORI

Installation and Live-Performance by matthias erian

This work deconstructs and reconstructs Pansori and reflect in this way the modern way of our society. Pansori means place (pan) and sound (sori) in Korean language. The loudspeaker in combination with the buk-drum becomes the place (Pan) where the sound start to exist, as well as the space which presents the music to the audience. The voice remains to be the leader, the Buk follow the vibration of the voice.
Even as a live-performance, the sound-objects stay in the center of the view. Musical expressions by the interpret pull the strings in the background as an conductor.

Low Frequency Orchestra
(Angelica Castello/Maja Osojnik/Thomas Grill/Matija Schellander)

Free improvisation
In memoriam Robert Lettner

Unfortunately, Sabine Vogel had to cancel the concert because of illness!