wed. mar. 09 2006
a4 - zero space
bratislava/Slovak Republic

circuit bending workshop
four day workshop teaching the art of circuit bending, 9th - 12th march. tutors: sarah washington, knut aufermann & paul b. davis. organizer: itchybit
Lots of sounds
Circuit Bending workshop - Exploring ways to make new sounds from electronic toys and other equipment. During the workshop participants will learn how to rewire existing circuitry to uncover hidden possibilities for designing their own electronic audio instruments. The workshop will give some insight into how the various electronic components function, and will include all the practical skills needed to modify electronic circuits. The focus of the workshop will be designed around the specific needs and level of skill of the participants and will include material for further reference. By the end of the workshop it will be possible to create a number of new audio devices. Participants are encouraged to bring along any electronic children's toys they can find, and other devices they would like to work on. No prior knowledge of electronics is needed, however to avoid any risks all devices to be circuit bent must be battery operated.
On saturday and sunday paul b. davis will be available to demonstrate how to use microcontrollers & other solid state components to expand circuit-bent devices and interface them with computers. Plus other demonstartion about re-programming video games and some examples of even circuit-bent games.

start time for the workshop at the a4 klub is 13.00 on all four days (9-12th March), with a presentation/concert on the 12th March at 20.00

the workshop is free.

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link: sarah and knut's travelling radio project , paul b. davis homepage , itchybit (organizers)
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