fri. mar. 15 2024

Velak gala #130
Open doors 19:00
Start 19:30

Billy Roisz & JD Zazie
Eduardo Triviño-Cely
Kasho Chualan & Sebastian Meyer
Sholto Dobie
Valentina Vuksic

Kindly supported by ma7 wien kultur & bmkoes
Billy Roisz & JD Zazie started their collaboration in 2014 thanks to the great ‘Depopulate’ festival held at NK Project Space in Berlin. Coming from a different background, Billy Roisz & JD Zazie developed in the years personal ways to express themselves in the field of noise music.

Billy Roisz works mostly in the field of audio-video focusing on the links and gaps between visual and auditory perception, she questions the interaction between sound and image, the interchangeability or unity of the electromagnetic signal in the generating machines which creates image or sound.

JD Zazie has explored over the years different approaches of real-time manipulation on fixed recorded sound. In her work she redefines DJ and electroacoustic activities and moves in an area which is constantly stretching the borders of what is supposed to be DJ mixing, free improvisation and composed music.

Listening to the duo Billy Roisz & JD Zazie it is possible to immerse oneself in an unexpected blend of sounds, where the mix and the contrast between the gentle noises and the roughness of the harsh noises produced are perfectly matched.

Sholto Dobie (LT/UK)

Sholto Dobie was born in Edinburgh and lives in Vilnius. He uses loose structures and an array of sound-sources including home-made organs and hurdy gurdy. His performances are personal and intuitive, often coming across as delicate, evocative, and absurd.

He has recorded and performed with artists and musicians including Rie Nakajima, Judith Hamann, Lia Mazzari, Shakeeb Abu Hamdan, Mark Harwood, Marja Ahti & Niko Mahti Ahti, Antonina Nowacka, Malvern Brume, Lucia Nimcova and in the group Lo Escucho Lo Pinto.

He has released solo and collaborative music with labels such as Mappa, All Night Flight, Kashual Plastik, Infant Tree, Takuroku, Penultimate Press and Thanet Tape Centre and has toured widely, presenting performances at Cafe Oto (London), Fylkingen (Stockholm), KM28 (Berlin), Himera Festival (Turku), Kraak Festival (Antwerp), Organ Sound Art Festival (Copenhagen), Les Atelier Claus (Brussels), C3 (Milan), Jauna Muzika Festival (Vilnius), Braille Satellite (Lithuania), Counterflows Festival (Glasgow) and Glasgow International.

Valentina Vuksic

Valentina Vuksic works from within the radiation of the computational; she improvises with the electrosmog of code and collects sonic recordings of electricity. Her work centers the side-effects of computational abstractions and localises them at the core of contemporary digital technologies.

The performance is an improvisation with/in the electromagnetics of computing devices ° e-smog disco ° running stress procedures for system health check inside of linux shells.

Kasho Chualan & Sebastian Meyer

This constellation was developed between Kasho Chualan and Sebastian Meyer, while working on a composition for prepared piano and tape. The duo started meeting regularly and improvising on this concept of how to create intuitive, textural and unusual sounds through different methods on both instruments. Whether it’s using the resonant body and preparing the strings of the piano, to experimentally manipulating tape through a contact mic, pitch speed, delay etc etc. Essentially a live acoustic and live analog electronic duo.

Kasho Chualan is a Kurdish-Canadian pianist, composer and sound artist currently based in Vienna. She is breaking borders of music with an experimental, dreamlike, narrative and textural approach. She manipulates the social constructs of how an instrument should be played portrayed or perceived, particularly with the piano. Her compositions and performances are consisted of raw sounds, intuitive experimental improvisation, acoustic/keyboard/percussion instruments, tape and whatever other intriguing toy she happens to stumble upon.

Sebastian Meyers work is based on listening as a compositional practice and how listening can reshape our relationship towards our bodies and our environment. His focus is on working with specific spaces and the creation of multi-channel sound environments, sounds and film. Besides using organic and nonorganic materials to create sounds and images he uses tape, field recordings, Serge modular synthesizer and converted acoustic instruments as his main instruments.

Eduardo Triviño-Cely

Through field recordings, sculpture, objects, social scenarios, interventions in public and architectural space, Eduardo Triviño-Cely's work experiments with the relationship between sound, the body, and the space we inhabit.

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