fri. feb. 23 2024
althangrund für alle

Circuit Fantôme prelude
a co-production of the Floating Sound Gallery Vienna and Belgian Federation for Electroacoustic Music (FeBeME-BeFEM),
in cooperation with Alcôme.
Curated by Anton Iakhontov (Patrick K.-H.), Sophie Delafontaine and Todor Todoroff.
Supported by Stadt Wien / MA7 Alsergrund.
Coordination - Petra Leisentritt.

Althangrund für Alle, Augasse 2-6, 1090 Vienna,
doors 18:30, concert 19:00-22:00

Sophie Delafontaine, Creux-du-Van, 11’56”
Sophie Delafontaine, Ressort spiral, 10’35”
Sophie Delafontaine, Ondiésop, 07’03”
Sophie Delafontaine, Gris souris, 10’03”
Sophie Delafontaine, Trouée, 11’24”

Boris Shershenkov, Lobus Temporalis. Pt. 1: Neural Oscillation, 20’, 2024

Elizabeth Anderson, L’Heure bleue: renaître du silence, 16’38”, 2016
Laryssa Kim, Foresta magique, 07’58”
Daniel Perez Hajdu, Abstraire, 10’53”, 2014
Gaëtan Arhuero, Funambule, 09’18”
Raphaël Vens, Dans les spires du serpen, 09’00”, 2022

Circuit Fantôme - series of multiphonic / acousmatic listening sessions and performances, organized by the Floating Sound Gallery Vienna and co-curated by composers Anton Iakhontov (Patrick K.-H.) and Daniel Teruggi, carried on in Vronihof art-space from 2022. Currently in between Seasons 3 and 4, in prelude mini-festival, we present Crème de la Crème - picks from previous and future shows together with our regular partners, the Belgian Federation for Electroacoustic Music (FeBeME-BeFEM).

Circuit Fantôme is a descriptive characteristic, accidentally coined by François Bayle during the round table at the first St. Petersburg ACOUSMONIUM festival in 2018. Contemplating on the issues of habitat of the electroacoustic music, he underscored that, being born to parents, that are technology and music, it remains unrecognized by neither of them, and thus doomed to maintain the roaming existence, hijacking the existing infrastructure of the existing institutions, functioning as a ghost circuit - “circuit fantôme”.
Circuit Fantome Prelude

link: Floating Sound Gallery , TG channel of the Floating Sound Gallery
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