mon. oct. 10 2022

Velak #122
Wild im West
Mariahilfer Str. 166, 1150 Wien

Start 18:00

Live Concterts (Outdoor)

Simone Borghi

Electronic music that combines constant variation and reiterated complex patterns without beginning or ending. But what is intended for variation is not a change applied to a given audio object, rather a main compositional principle that eludes mechanical combinations or evident pulsations. The result is a rich agglomerate of textures and harmonies/melodies that mutates permanently and takes the listener to an atmospheric trip to different sonic environments.


is a project of BG made Mexico raised NYC based producer. Combining noises, warped samples and synths, artifacts of sound design and club beats Dilian creates jumpy high speed and chaotic tempo chopped motives that result into illogical, yet contained beat-full and beatless soundscapes.

Dilian co-operates the IW (@internationalwinners) collective, curating releases and helping organize events throughout the NYC area and beyond.

Wild im West
Mariahilfer Str. 166, 1150 Wien
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