fri. may 20 2022
fanny hensel-mendelssohn-saal der musikuniversität

Xenakis 2022: Back to the Roots
10:00 Uhr
-Elena Minetti: Synchronizing Different Temporalities: A Challenge of Writing in musique mixte from 1958 to 1960
11:00 Uhr
- Thomas Grill: Machine based comparative studies
12:15 Uhr
- Pierre Carré / François Delecluse: Spatial treatment of sound in the Polytope of Cluny by Iannis Xenakis
15:00 Uhr
- Marcin Pietruszewski: Experimental System as Reversed-Musicology
16:00 Uhr
- Reinhold Friedl: Sources of Non-European Music in Xenakis's Electroacoustic Oeuvre
17:00 Uhr
- Michel Chion: What should be kept? What should be discarded or erased? The choice of a musique concrète composer

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