wed. mar. 24 2021

Klangmanifeste Tag I
This year Klangmanifeste goes into public space: a symbiosis of urban environment and digital art. Four advertising pillars with dedicated posters mark an art walk through the 15th district of Vienna.
Streaming on echoraeume, exhibition/starting point echoraum. Exhibition on advertising pillars can be experienced from 24.03. - 06.04. individually at any time
Artists: Anna Vasof | Benjamin Tomasi | Black Unicorn | Christina Gruber | Erla | Hui Ye | Korn/Schörkhuber | noid | Patrick K.-H. | Rahel Kraft | Rauter/Voglsinger | saLeh roZati | Stefano D´Alessio | Veronika Mayer | Volkmar Klien | Karl Salzmann | Stefano D´Alessio | IFTAF | WERISTdICHTER? | Golnar Shahyar

link: Klangmanifeste
event-link: Klangmanifeste
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