thu. oct. 29 2020
st. ruprecht (neue musik in)

C. Hausch (Electronics)
Benjamin Tomasi (Electronics)
neue musik in st ruprecht Drøøm (C. Hausch & Benjamin Tomasi) investigate the spatial condition, its extension and finiteness in an acoustic and visual transformation process in the project lapse for the St. Ruprecht church. Using pulses, the space is measured and time divided into segments. The architecture comes to the fore in the areas of tension between the individual impulses. The fading of space – understood as a sensible past – is a key player in sound choreography.

Just as light illuminates parts of the body of the church visually, so does the impulse ‘illuminate’ them in an acoustic way. The “aural architecture” of the church becomes audible. (See Blesser, Salter: Spaces Speak, 2006) This coupling of sound, light and directionality creates very complete and physical impressions for the visitors and creates a “sensory certainty”.

C. Hausch (Electronics)
Benjamin Tomasi (Electronics)

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