sun. oct. 04 2020
st. ruprecht (neue musik in)

Schouten & Ginot
Fie Schouten – low clarinets
Florentin Ginot – double bass
neue musik in st ruprecht Two musicians meet on stage to play compositions and improvisations, but also to listen to each other. ENDLICH FREI celebrates the freedom in- and outside of compositions and shows the boundaries in- and outside of improvisations.

Double bass solo:

Helmut Lachenmann – Toccatina

Georges Aperghis (1945) – Obstinate

Rebecca Saunders (1967) – Fury

(Contra) bass clarinet solo:

Petra Stump-Linshalm – from Uisge Beatha (A Guide to Flavours) (2015)

Rozalie Hirs – Article 7 (2012)

Unsuk Chin – Advice from a Caterpillar

double bass & bass clarinet

Frederik Neyrinck – 4 Fragments (2018)

Fie Schouten – low clarinets

Florentin Ginot – double bass

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