sat. june 13 2020

Setzkasten Soundwalk
Back to Reality - but also Online! 15:00 - 21:00
Multichannel Installation - Floating Sound Gallery and Schaufenster Performances at
Modul, Setzkasten, Vronihof and Echoraeme
Join us for the Soundwalk - 8 Channel sound works from the Floating Sound Gallery St. Petersburg at Modul and Vronihof, durational Windowfront Performances with Johanna Nielson, Agnes Schneidewind and Versatzst├╝cke Crew at Setzkasten and alternative perspectives online on
We also want to welcome our new Neighbours from Sandkasten Syndicate at J├Ârgerstrasse and are happy that Zwischendecke is joining us with an exhibition opening that day as well.

link: Setzkasten Info , FB
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