sat. june 29 2019
republik kugelmugel

klub moozak #100: ms mutt, mirp, dario sanfilippo
klub moozak #100
29.6.2019 - open doors 19:00 cet / concerts 20:30 - 22:00 !!!
republik kugelmugel / 1020 wien / prater hauptallee / antifaschismusplatz 2
breitengrad : 48.215532 | laengengrad : 16.396073
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ms mutt (at)
mirp (at)
dario sanfilippo (it/at)
guest dj:
ambient animal (at)

kindly supported by wien kultur ma7.

The guitar and the sea of things: beaten, distended, plucked and chirped. Whether pedal, motorized insect or tin can - in front of the experimental guitarist MS Mutt all things are the same, as long as they serve only happy and faithful to the sound production. Everything will be music,
in the end even the silence. (Wolfgang Schmid)

MS Mutt is the solo project of the Viennese guitarist Johanna Forster. Her first solo concert under the name MS Mutt she played in December 2014. In the project, she conducts sound research on their instrument, including field recordings, analog tapes, sounds of misappropriated objects and various equipment.


News from the field of entertainment mathematics:
A mirp number is a prime that yields another prime when read backwards -
a prime palindrome.
13 for example. That's the first one.
Respectively 31 - this is the third - or the first.
It's not about monotony.
It's about utopias of indivisibility -
and from as many perspectives as possible.
Time is always ripe for a utopia.
But 31 is not 13.
Just as little as 107 701 is.
mirp is not great.
But maybe mirp is the new prime?

Markus W. Schneider: Guitar/+fx
Sara Zlanabitnig: Flute/+fx


Dario Sanfilippo is a PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh and researcher in Vienna. His work is on complex adaptive system, autonomous machines and emergent phenomena for the exploration of new music and performance practices. For this concert, he will present his Single-Fader Versatility (2016), a human-algorithm interaction live performance.


Music conaisseur, dj, producer, event host and Sama Recordings label head Benedikt Guschlbauer aka Ambient Animal lives and works in Vienna.
Since May 2018 he hosts and curates his own show Radio Ragweed on London and Berlin based community station Threads.

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