other events:

aug.23, montreal/Canada:
steve bates, michaela grill
aug.23, trondheim/Norway:
aug.24, ostrava/Czech Republic:
minimarathon of electronic music
thu. feb. 14 2019

valentine┬┤s date: setzkasten_wien ´┐╝<3 liebig12_berlin
liebig12 meets members of artist-run space & collective setzkasten and
wow signal festival and concert series organizer from wien_at

for this valentine's night an improvised & immersive performative
happening is planned to meet, flirt, exchange and establish further

jakob schauer: electronic drone setup
philip leitner: audio manipulation and samples
stefan voglsinger: electronics, text and performance
auderrose: electroacustic performance & analogue visuals
marianne tuckman & marcelo schmittner _artists&curators in residency
@liebig12 : tba

link: http://wowsignal.at , http://jakobschauer.com , https://voglsinger.klingt.org