other events:

aug.23, montreal/Canada:
steve bates, michaela grill
aug.23, trondheim/Norway:
aug.24, ostrava/Czech Republic:
minimarathon of electronic music
fri. nov. 09 2018
migrating kitchen

beer band bizza bovie - grand opening!
beer/live: erro jojo/bizza/surprise screening x
The pizza oven is lit at 4pm, hot by 8pm

ERRO JOJO plays at 9pm:
Eric Arn (Primordial Undermind) - guitar
Johanna Forster (MS Mutt) - guitar
Johannes Oberhuber (umbra umbra) - bass
Roy Culbertson (Burlin Mud) - drums, trumpet, recorder

SURPRISE screening X at 10pm
with introduction by Dr. Arn

suggested Spende for the band and the cook Sankt Gristus

Bacherplatz, Migrating Kitchen
(by the old telephone booth)

link: https://www.facebook.com/events/709944662737742/?active_tab=about