moozak festival 2013 - day 1

wed 18.09.2013 fluc  

entrance: 2:00 pm (cet)
start live concerts: 8:00 pm (cet)
djs from 1:00 am (cet)

one day ticket: 15 € (at the door) / 12€ (presale)
festival pass: 25€ (at the door) / 22€ (presale)
via jugendinfo wien (babenbergerstraße 1/ecke burgring, 1010 wien):
henke / schimana / noid / fischer / baggiani / merzuoga

Wednesday September 18th, 2013

Robert Henke (DE)
Hautkörper (Elisabeth Schimana & Noid) (AT)
Bagg*Fish (Michael Fischer & Marcos Baggiani) (AT/AR)
Merzouga (Eva Pöpplein & Janko Hanushevsky) (DE/AT)
Andreas Krach (DE)

No-Input-Mixing Worshop: Andreas Krach (DE)
DJs: Transformer Music (AT)

Exhibtion Area (fridays & saturdays from 2:00pm)

Christine Schörkhuber - Point of view (AT)
Jay-Dea Lopez - Decay (AU)
Jay-Dea Lopez - The Great Silence (AU)
Kevin Logan - Seamless (UK)
Laura Focarazzo - OtherMoons (AR)
Laura Focarazzo - SpecificGravity (AR)
Mirjam Baker (AT)
panGenerator - Peacock (PL)
Robert B. Lisek - Nuclear Random Generator (PL)
Robert M. Schwarz - piano, This Restrictive CIRCLE OF Pure Sounds (AT)
Sixtus Preiss - Soundball (AT)
Uli Kühn (AT)

moozak festival 2013

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