i treni inerti (ruth barberán & alfredo costa monteiro), duo: ivan palacky & noid, christian dergarabedian a.k.a earzumba

wed 18.05.2011 nadalokal  

I TRENI INERTI (Ruth Barberán & Alfredo Costa Monteiro), duo: IVAN PALACKY & NOID, Christian Dergarabedian a.k.a EARZUMBA

I TRENI INERTI (Ruth Barberán [E]: trumpet, Alfredo Costa Monteiro [P]: accordion)

…The couple is venomous - but this music is delicious…
...(Massimo Ricci)

IVAN PALACKY [CZ] – amplified knitting machine Dopleta 180
noid [A] - [prepared] cello

is one of the most daring musicians from Argentina. He is exploring since 1990 the fields of sampladelia, pop, free improvisation, electroacoustic, drone and noise.

i trio inerti
ivan palacky

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