live recording session #140 @amann studios

thu 28.10.2010 amann studios  

ab 21:00

okkyung lee - cello
dieb13 - turntables, kluppe
noid - cello


After being in music schools from age of 3 to 25, Korean cellist/improviser/composer Okkyung Lee finally found her artistic freedom in New York's Lower East Side where she moved in 2000.
Since then, she has performed and recorded with numerous artists such as Laurie Anderson, Lotte Anker, Derek Bailey, Kjell Bjørgeengen, Carla Bozulich, John Butcher, Nels Cline, Chris Corsano, Sylvie Courvoisier, Mark Dresser, Fred Frith, Carlos Giffoni, John Hollenbeck, Vijay Iyer, Lindha Kallerdahl, Andrew Lampert, Christian Marclay, Min Xiao-Fen, Thurston Moore, Ikue Mori, Lawrence D. "Butch" Morris, Larry Ochs, Jim O'Rourke, Evan Parker, Keith Rowe, Wadada Leo Smith, Tyshawn Sorey, Skuli Sverrisson, C Spencer Yeh and John Zorn to name a few.

Okkyung has released the following albums: her debut album as a leader, Nihm on Tzadik; a duo recording with Christian Marclay, Rubbings on My Cat is an Alien (LP)/A Silnet place (CD); solo cello album I saw the Ghost of an Unknown Soul and it Said... on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace!; Check for Monsters with Steve Beresford and Peter Evans on Emanem label. For 2010, she is working on her follow up album on Tzadik, duo recording with Phil Minton for Dancing Wayang and another duo with Adam Linson for Psi. In may she will also be recording a trio with Evan Parker and Peter Evans and also a duo with Paul Lytton.

In 2009, Kisaeng Becomes You, a multi-media project co-produced and co-choreographed by Dean Moss and Yoon-Jin Kim, based on the prose of Korean courtesans from last centuries, saw its world premier at Dance Thater Workshop, which garnered rave reviews from New York Times and Village Voice and others.
She has received a composer commission from New York State Council on the Arts in 2007 and Foundation for Contemporary Arts grant in 2010.

Okkyung holds dual bachelor's degrees in Film Scoring/Contemporary Writing & Production from Berklee College of Music, and master's degree in Contemporary Improvisation from New England Conservatory of Music.

Plays regularly in/with:
the klingt.orgestra (with Tim Blechmann, Bernhard Breuer, Angelica Castello, Silvia Faessler, Klaus Filip, Susanna Gartmayer, Noid Haberl, Peter Kutin, Elise Mory, Billy Roisz, Martin Siewert, Oliver Stotz)
NotTheSameColor (with Billy Roisz)
duet with eRikm
Swedish Azz (with Mats Gustafsson, Peråke Holmlander, Erik Carlsson, Kiell Nordeson)
John Butcher Octett (with John Butcher, Gino Robair, Thomas Lehn, Chris Burn, Clare Cooper, Adam Linson, John Edwards)
various cooperations with Martin Siewert and Burkhard Stangl
duet with Phil Minton

software projects:

noid /aka Arnold Haberl, *1970, living in Vienna
composer, performer, improviser/auricular, cello, electronic devices
His musical approach can be described as fundamental research. His works span a wide range of contradictory outcome, from solos to compositions for ensembles, from sound installations to videos. Using electronics as well as acoustical instruments. Consequently denying the borderline between music and sound-art.
This lead him to collaborations with artists of different fields: choreographers, like João Fiadeiro, Colette Sadler, Akemi Takeya, Philipp Gehmacher, etc...
Visual artists as for instance Alexander Schellow, Heike Kaltenbrunner, Erik Hable or André Goncalves.
As an improvisor he performs among others with: Klaus Filip, Taku Unami, O.Blaat, Axel Doerner, Christian Weber, Erikm, Dieb13, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Burkhard Stangl, Yan Jun, Taku Han-Noda, Carl Stone, Mattin, etc…
He is programmer for the "ppooll" project: an open source / copyleft / freeware, designed for live – improvisation, composition, interactive installations, etc...
Together with Klaus Fillip (the main programmer) he was invited to present this software at the cycling74 user conference in San Francisco april 2009.
He is part of the organizing team for the annual "Reheat" interdisciplinary festival, and he was curating soundart exhibitions in the frame of the "Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf" festival in 2009 and 2010.

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