konfrontationen 2018

thu 19.07.2018 jazzgalerie  

[ j a z z g a l e r i e ] 7 p.m.

dave rempis / tim daisy
dave rempis - reeds
tim daisy - drums

eye can dance
wolfgang fuchs - turntables
juun - pianoguts
bernhard breuer - drums
didi bruckmayr - voice

(?what would we be) without cecil
joe mcphee - reeds, pocket trumpet, trombone
evan parker - tenorsax
peter evans - trumpet
patrick thomas - piano
orphy robinson - marimba
tristan honsinger - cello
joe williamson - doublebass
paul lovens - drums, percussion

all days:
soundart – exhibition & sound performances
with ryoko akama, klaus filip, gerard lebik, noid, jérôme noetinger, liz rácz, billy roisz,
karl salzmann

soundart exhibition:
Ryoko Akama: "Plows and Harrows" Klaus Filip: "Sonic Dust" Gerard Lebik: "Air in Air" noid: "Space Probe (Raumsonde)" Liz Racz & Jerome Noetinger: "Creep"
Billy Roisz: "Sit On My Heart And Tell Me That You Love Me" Karl Salzmann: "solo for bass guitar"

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